I didn’t know until I lost to South Korea…’Tearful’ Hanshin wins for the first time in 18 years→Hot Osaka→Police deployed

One Shin Tigers finally joined the regular season trophy.It took 18 years to create this scene in 18 years.In my friend, this time, this time is challenging to win the jazz series in 38 years.

Han Shin-shin Tiger won in the 18th (hereinafter referred to as the Korean visualization of Korea’s New Year’s announcement in the 18th.

It was a regular season that took a long time.One of the previous day, “R penalty” Yumi Woo-ri, and left the Central League 1 and left the Central League 1 to the Central League.Kiki Hiroshima, who is sending the “C barrier High” season, who can determine the championship of the starting pitcher.메이저사이트

On this day, Han-soo (China)-based method (China)-based method, which leads to a Si-ki MASIKA-based method (U.S.)-O.

In the beginning of the game, the flow of the game was simply a pitcher that has passed away.The starting point of the starting point, the first time of the third inning against our top batters, and caught three out of the first pitch despite the first pitch, and three out of the first pitch.And the third inning, blocked Yumi’s batting line with two ground balls and two ground balls and 1st baseman, and 1st baseman, and 1st baseman.

The solid tour of Kiki has continued.Keki was tied to the mound with two Samjin, and the mound in the 6th inning, and then the base of the third inning, and the base of the base of the base of the ground.And the balance of 6th inning was collapsed.

Despite the score of scoring rights, Heo Deok-deok, Han-shin, Han-shin, who was unable to pick up the 6th inning.Han Shin-shin took a hit by hitting a hit by hitting a hit by Manchester City after hitting a hit.Here, Oya picked up a line with his out count and scored a gap between his out count, and made a gap between three-0 to 0-0 to 3-0 to-0 to 3–0 to 3-0.

Then we started to chase.Kiki, who played a solo home run to Oika Carzma, allowed a solo home home home run to Oka.Accordingly, Han Shin-shin maintained three points, as he picked up three points.Han Shin-shin finished the mission, started in earnest and started the back door, and started in the back door.However, the interval was narrowed to 4-2 as 4-2.

It was a game that can’t be able to be able to stop.Han Shin-shin invested the game, “MAMAMAMAMOO” in the ninth inning, and allowed solo home home home home home home runs to buy a solo home home home home home home runs.And then, the game went to Yuoto to Yu-ro, the game went into the direction that can’t know.However, this guy didn’t shake, and he took a regular season trophy in 18 years, and returned to the regular season trophy in 18 years, and came to the regular season trophy in 18 years.

Prior to March this year, Korea’s representative team, the Korean representative team was shocked to Orion at Orion at the end of this year.However, the first group players put the victory in the hands of a total of the two-gun, and the lion who fell back to the two-gun power.However, one was a time when he was not able to put one win in practice and time in practice and Si-beom.At that time, one did not think one could win the regular season.

However, the practice game and pilot events were only practicing and pilot games.Han Shin-shin began the season in 15 years, including Oika Dino, who wore a new uniform in 15 years after 2008 after 2008.Also, he ran the “sundule” in May 7 consecutive wins, including winning the winner of the exchange and 17 wins and 17 wins the Central League.

It’s not a crisis.Han Shin-shin sat down to the second place after the exchange match with Yiko DeNA, who played the leading competition after the exchange game ended.And again, I thought it was the first place, but after the All-Star brake was over-Star brake.However, it started to target the flow, and as a result of 11 consecutive wins and 11 consecutive wins.

After winning the championship, Han Shin-shin enjoyed the joy of winning the mound and enjoyed the joy of winning six times.As many players caught the championship, some players caught in the relay screen, some players caught in the relay screen.This is the same as fans.At the announcement of 2648 people visited the stadium, but it was rarely open the baseball stadium, but it was rarely open baseball stadium after winning the regular season.

In your victory, Osaka was simply embarrassed.After Han Shin-shin won the performance of Osaka, which is the largest number of fans jumped into strong water.Accordingly, police were deployed to prevent the fierce behavior of fans who took the victory.

Now, I hope you won the title of “Jae Fan Series”.

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