No sweep in 86 series… Baltimore on pace for third-best MLB streak in history

The Baltimore Orioles of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) did not suffer a sweep loss in 86 consecutive series. It is the third longest record in MLB history.

Baltimore won 11-5 against the St. Louis Cardinals today (12th) at Camdenyaz in Baltimore, Maryland.

This set a record for Baltimore to continue 86 series without losing a sweep. It’s the third-highest record in MLB history.

The best record for this part was 125 series set by the st. Louis from 1942 to 1944. The second is the 106 Series, set by the New York Giants (now the San Francisco Giants) from 1903 to 1905.바카라

Baltimore players celebrating their victory. Photo = Baltimore SNS
Not being swept means not falling into consecutive defeats. In fact, Baltimore never lost more than five consecutive games during the 86 series. There are only two consecutive losses.

As a result, the overall winning rate is bound to be good. Currently, Baltimore is ranked first overall in the American League (AL) winning rate with 91 wins and 52 losses (0.636). The advance to the postseason is virtually confirmed, and if the record of “no sweep loss” continues, it is highly likely to maintain the top spot in the district.

There are four more series left for Baltimore this year. If you continue to record in four series, you can increase the number of no-swip series to 90. Attention is focusing on whether Baltimore will be able to continue its record and challenge MLB’s best record next year.

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