All 10 clubs of the “Youth Baseball Clinic hosted by the Players Association” joined together “A meaningful time”

The Korean Professional Baseball Players’ Association spent time with youth baseball players.

The Korea Professional Baseball Players’ Association (KPA) announced today that it has successfully completed its first youth baseball clinic, ‘DO!DREAM!’, which was organized by the KPA and 10 clubs.

The Players’ Association’s youth baseball clinics, which have been held after the end of the league since 2015, have been suspended for four years due to the coronavirus since 2019. Previously, the clinic was held once a year with a total of 30 players, including three to four professional baseball players per club.토토사이트

This time, however, 10 clubs came together for the first time this year with the active participation of players and the cooperation of each club. We started again with the idea of expanding the program to 10 times per club.

A total of 250 professional baseball players and approximately 850 youth baseball players participated in the 2023 Baseball Clinic “Tapping,” which was held at the stadiums of each of the 10 teams, starting with the Samsung Lions on September 4. The baseball clinics were held at each team’s stadium to motivate local elementary school student-athletes to dream and hope of becoming professional baseball players.

To minimize the impact on the players’ performance, all teams held the clinics on Mondays when they had a home game the next day or a road game not far away. For each team, the first-team roster, excluding players on the roster for the next day’s game, and the starting pitchers, participated.

During the baseball clinics, the players presented about 80 bats, 50 gloves, 30 uniforms, and 20 pairs of spikes to the students on site through bullseye and prize drawings.

Kim Hyun-soo, President of the Players’ Association, said, “The Players’ Association Baseball Clinic, which started in June, concluded in September. We are very grateful to all the students who participated. It was a meaningful time for our players as well. We received a lot of interest from elementary school baseball and little league teams, with some clubs receiving over 450 applications. We were forced to cap the number of players at 100, as we felt that was the right number to keep things running smoothly. There will be another opportunity next year, so we hope to see a lot of interest in the organization’s activities in the future.”

“We are grateful to all the players who voluntarily attended our activities during the season, especially the ones who gave their used bats, gloves, etc. as gifts to the children who participated, which I think fulfilled the purpose of giving them good memories.”

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