Seongnam fans demand to be interviewed after shock upset loss… Coach Lee Ki-hyung “will look back and reflect”

Seongnam FC suffered a 2-4 come-from-behind defeat to Gimpo FC in the 29th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex at 7:30 pm on the 30th. Seongnam stayed in 9th place.

Seongnam, aiming for a winning streak, 카지노 took the lead early in the game with Kwon Soon-hyung’s first goal. With Patrick’s additional goal, it seemed to be the first consecutive win of the season, but Lewis scored a hat-trick in the second half to make it 3-2. Seongnam tried to catch up, but Kim Jong-seok scored a key goal to make it 4-2. As Seongnam suffered a major defeat, the winning streak failed and the atmosphere became even more down.

Director Lee Ki-hyung, who entered the press conference with a dark expression, bowed his head. He expressed his will to improve on the continuous last-minute conceding. While analyzing Payne, he suggested points of improvement.

[Director Lee Ki-hyung’s press conference Q&A]

– General comment

I’m sorry to the fans for losing after winning 2-0 at home. It’s something you need to rest on. It was good that I did well as I prepared, but as I replaced players with physical problems, the balance collapsed and I lost a lot of points. I feel the need to look back and improve.

– If you analyze the detailed pane.

The players were psychologically anxious as they conceded the first run due to a mistake. The players who went in as substitutes had to balance and reduce mistakes, but there were pass misses and they couldn’t follow the flow. supplementation is needed

– Lots of mistakes in the second half.

There are many games where points are lost in this pattern. When entering the second half, the three back players must block the side crosses well, he emphasized that. Mistakes come out in that area, and concessions are repeated. I think about it and feel the need to improve through the meeting.

– Fans asked for an interview.

I will meet the fans. It was clear that I was disappointed. When you have a meeting, you feel the need to talk and reflect.

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