‘Runway motif’ Incheon United unveils inaugural ACL jersey, ‘TAKE-OFF’

Incheon United, which entered the Asian stage for the first time, released a special uniform.

Incheon United released the 2023-2024 먹튀검증 season AFC Champions League (ACL) uniform ‘TAKE-OFF’ to commemorate the first Asian stage since its foundation in the year of its 20th anniversary.

In October 2022, the Incheon club confirmed its advance to the ACL playoffs and started preparing special uniforms for the ACL with MACRON, the official sponsor of supplies. Incheon’s ACL uniform, ‘TAKE-OFF’, sensibly expressed Incheon’s new journey beyond the K-League and taking off to the Asian stage with the motif of the ‘runway’ at Incheon International Airport. Incheon explained, “Especially, as we are making our first appearance on the ACL stage, we faithfully incorporate the symbolic color ‘blue black’ into the design to promote the club’s identity throughout Asia.”

As the official goods sponsor Macron also has a great meaning for the Incheon club, a dedicated design team was set up separately at the headquarters to help with the production of the uniform. In particular, the Incheon club and Macron, which are already showing the best quality in the K-League in terms of uniform material, used ‘Micro Mesh’ fabric to help players perform at their best in various climates, considering the characteristics of ACL competitions held in various parts of Asia. .

In addition, the high detail of Macron can be seen in the Taegeukgi patch attached on the emblem. It is also noteworthy that for the first time in the history of the club, the use of number marking with a ‘glossy (light reflection) effect’ is applied. The map of Incheon Metropolitan City was engraved on the number marking, emphasizing its identity as a citizen team that runs alongside 3 million Incheon citizens.

The official release video of Incheon’s first ACL uniform is also a hot topic. In the video, drone shooting and the latest LED lighting at the Incheon Soccer Stadium were used to maximize the players’ sense of speed as if they were running on the runway.

An official from the Incheon club said, “As this is the club’s first entry into the ACL, all members worked hard to produce uniforms that both the players and fans can feel proud of. I hope it will be a good gift. Also, like the name of the uniform (TAKE-OFF, Takeoff), please look forward to Incheon, which will soar on the ACL stage.”

Meanwhile, the Incheon United 2023-2024 season ACL uniform ‘TAKE-OFF’ will be pre-sold in limited quantities for membership members through the club’s official MD shop Blue Market online store from 10 am on the 17th.

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